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does anybody even use this anymore?
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happy halloween all?!
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Drive-by Shoutbox Spam! :boogie:
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Keep up the AWESOME work Nag!
Thu Jun 11, 2009, 3:20 PM
Wed Jun 10, 2009, 6:15 PM
As some people know, in terms of religion, I'm a practicing philosopher. I think on things way too much and I like having civil arguments about things, events, and ideas. And right now, I'm itching for a gray matter knuckling verbal tennis match. So I'm gonna put out an argument, feel free to disagree, but if you want to post your counter point, please do so with grace and maturity. I refuse to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Present to me your argument so I can mull over it and see if I can find contest with.

Ready? Here I go:

Recently, I've noticed some people taking issue with the fact that Hasbro and IDW are bringing in more female characters to Transformers and making such a hulabalooza out of it. One argument I see popping up frequently in their posts is that the Transformers are being humanized to the point where they are no longer an alien species.

I find this statement to be unfounded on the basis that the Transformers have already been humanized to this degree, long before female characters ever came on the scene. I'm not talking in terms of appearance. A lot of the characters have bipedal humanish forms and facial structures, but that doesn't make them "human". So, what made them "human"? When we introduced the concept that Transformers possess souls. Almost all the characters from Megatron and Optimus Prime to Ravage and Grimlock, possess a soul or as they call it, a "spark". The soul is a uniquely human construct. And throughout our cultures throughout the ages, we've applied the soul to everything around us. Some people believe animals have souls, others that trees have souls, and still others contest that everything we touch leaves a tiny fragment of our souls in them. Humans as a whole do have the tendency to humanize everything around us. From our pets; whom we cater to and speak to like they were a fellow human being. To our electronics and cars; who we name and even mourn when it's time to let them go.

So I contest that we've already humanized Transformers by giving them souls, not genders. Almost every biological living things live by the gender binary. There are the excepts of those that can reproduce other ways via budding, splitting of their bodies, hermaphroditic self impregnation, to complete gender swapping entirely. Gender is not just a human trait, but a biological trait. But since Transformers have no need for sexual reproduction, then what difference does the gender make? I have a theory. In human culture usually what determines gender, besides biology, is societal expectations. In this case gender is not a static binary, but a transitive value. Societies are constantly changing due to things like environmental changes, new discoveries and technologies, expansion, moral and ethic value shifts, and socio-political landscapes. So now that we've taken away the leash of biological roles, we're free to discover what gender is in the absence of it. And I think that's great. We need to be challenged to think of things outside of their usual roles in life. And I think bringing in female Transformers isn't a pointless attempt to woo or appease feminists, but a social experiment to see what gender truly is without biological constraint.

I know I'm probably talking out my ass at this point but this has been fermenting in my head for a while and I just wanted to express my opinions and see if I can stimulate some interesting conversation. Feel free to agree or disagree as you will, but let's keep things civil. No name calling or childish contrarianism. And no trolling me for my beliefs about religion or feminism ok? I have my reasons, you have yours. Let's just eat cake.

Thank you all for listening to me.
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Halloween is coming, favorite candy types? 

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